September 8th 2015 Meeting

Roger Turner, the author, architect and garden designer kicked off the Society’s autumn series of meetings with an in depth review of the range of autumn and winter plants and shrubs available to maximise and maintain garden colour.

The first phase of his talk focused on michaelmas daisies whose range of colours, shapes and styles ran into hundreds (or was it thousands!?) These popular plants need lots of cosseting. Ideally they enjoy a south west aspect in a moist soil with lots of mushroom compost. To ensure healthy plants they should be divided each year.

The national collection of michaelmas daisies can be viewed at Pictons Nurseries near Malvern.

Grasses featured strongly in the second phase of the presentation showing the diversity and beauty of the range of grasses now available from the popular varieties of miscanthus and pampas with their swaying spikes and flowers that give height and texture when planted in borders. The grasses with variegated leaves tend not to flower. The national collection of grasses are held at the well known Bressingham Nurseries.

Roger rounded off his presentation with a series of slides featuring penstemons, crocosmias, heleniums, chrysanthemums and red hot pokers whose flowering can be extended through the autumn and into early winter with continuous dead heading.

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