November 10th Talk: Annie Godfrey on The Making of a Chelsea-Medal Winning Garden

Following last night’s successful AGM, Annie Godfrey of Daisy Roots Nursery delivered a delightfully candid, informative and highly entertaining presentation on the trials and tribulations of the making of a medal-winning garden from original concept to finished article.

Annie started her Daisy Roots Nursery in 1999 in Hertford, specialising in hardy perennials and grasses and soon caught the show gardens ‘bug’ as it helped improve her horticultural skills whilst providing a useful additional sales outlet for plant sales!

Chelsea Flower Show is the pinnacle of the RHS calendar but to be accepted as an exhibitor, gardeners and nurseries first have to prove themselves at smaller regional shows with medal-winning entries.

Given Daisy Roots success at many shows including Westminster Halls, Birmingham and later Hampton Court, she was accepted for inclusion at Chelsea for the first time in 2012, winning a silver gilt medal, first time…a fantastic achievement!

Applications for Chelsea take place in August of the previous year. In October the organisers confirm or reject applications. Winning applicants are not made public until 10th November so last night it was an opportune moment for Annie to announce she has once again been accepted for Chelsea 2016. Having a consistent silver gilt medal winner so far she is definitely going for gold in 2016!

Her talk was accompanied by a series of colourful slides showing many of her prizewinning gardens from original concept designs, highlighting the many intricacies of construction to the finished medal winning product.

The judges divide each garden into three categories of presentation and to win gold you need three ticks in the ‘excellent’ column. Ticks in ‘very good’ and ‘good’ win silver gilt or silver medals. If a tick is in the column marked ‘poor’ you get a letter which probably says ‘don’t come back’!

We hope Annie does come back to us again to tell us all about winning her first  gold medal at Chelsea in 2016.

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1 Response to November 10th Talk: Annie Godfrey on The Making of a Chelsea-Medal Winning Garden

  1. It’s wonderful to hear about the horticultural talent that lies within Hertfordshire! I am sorry to have missed Annie Godfrey’s talk and wish her well with RHS Chelsea 2016! I am keen to have a Show Garden in May 2020 to celebrate the centenary of Welwyn Garden City. If anyone is willing to share their expertise and help me in my quest I’d be grateful if the Harpenden Gardening Society could put me in touch. More details available at Many thanks! Caroline Baynes

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