Society visit to Kathy Brown’s Garden in Stevington on 7 September 2016

A group visit of 16 Society members made the trip to see Kathy’s garden following her talk to members in April. The garden has been developed by Kathy and husband Simon over the last 23 years and in September there was still plenty to see. Kathy led us around the gardens surrounding the beautiful Manor House covered in wisteria (some still in flower) and late flowering clematis. A series of individual ‘Art Gardens’ inspired by Monet, Hepworth and Mondrian were of particular interest. In contrast the large swathes of prairie planting with masses of ornamental grasses interspersed with herbaceous plants swaying in the gentle breeze added a different dimension. A mecca for bees and butterflies. A line of white stemmed birches with cyclamen underplanting was a very attractive feature. The afternoon ended with tea and Kathy’s delicious home made cakes incorporating edible flowers taken on the impressively manicured lawn!

Further information can be found at her website:

Click here to view photos

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