Meeting 8 November 2016

Our guest speaker Geoff Hodge delivered an interesting and sometimes provocative explanation of the range of products currently and some currently NOT available to gardeners in the relentless effort to combat bugs, pests and diseases!

Geoff, being a journalist involved in broadcast media and having wide experience with spells at the RHS and several respected  gardening magazines is in the unique position of being the recipient of every conceivable product from manufacturers to test and write about their efficacy.

A virtual test recently discovered that only one aphid could multiply to trillions (40 tons worth!) in one year.

Geoff’s presentation featured simply dozens of different products with which he shared his knowledge with members in a lively question and answer session.

Some gardeners have been known to use a dilution of Fairy Liquid washing liquid to use on plants to eradicate pests. This is not a good idea as the liquid removes the waxy coating on leaves as it does to remove the grease from plates. The waxy coatings on leaves protects from wind and sun damage and therefore making them more vulnerable. More importantly as Fairy Liquid is not an approved treatment a fine of £2,000 can be levied by DEFRA as it is classed as an illegal product!

Chemical products are slowly being withdrawn from the market and being replaced by more organic products. The chief reason for this reduction is the high cost of having to retest them every few years due to current laws. Retesting products can often run in to millions of pounds hence the manufacturers reluctance to spend additional sums!

Geoff kindly donated some of his practical gardening aids as raffle prizes to round off an entertaining and informative evening





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