12th September 2017 Meeting

Paul Green of Greens Leaves Nursery in Gloucestershire was our guest speaker at the first meeting in our autumn series of talks at Roundwood Park School.

The nursery set up in 1994 specialises in rare and unusual plants sourced from all around the world for growing in the UK.

Paul brought along a huge range of plants to showcase and illustrate his talk…..many of which were eagerly snapped up by members and guests following his highly interesting and informative presentation.

The specimens ranged from masses of foliage plants, ornamental grasses, sedges and colourful perennials.

One of Paul’s favourite plants is the Corokia, an evergreen shrub, otherwise known as the wire netting bush. Originating in New Zealand the plant has a mass of contorted stems with tiny leaves and is ideal for tubs. Paul is gathering many of the different varieties of Crokia and is hoping his range will become a National Collection.

Another fascinating plant featured was the Australian Mint Bush which has a scented foliage and is loved by bumble bees particularly in early summer.

The hardiness of plants has a new rating system which is being introduced by garden centres and nurserymen. From H1-H7 with 7 being the most hardy and 1 being the least hardy. However the USA have the rating in reverse which could lead to confusion!

Given many plants are subject to attack from slugs and snails, Paul recommended the use of Ferric Phosphate as an effective treatment. It is harmless to wildlife but beware of robins who devour it with apparently no ill effects!

To purchase any of the fabulous range of rare and unusual plants or download the plant catalogue visit the website: greensleavesnursery.co.uk




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