Meeting Tuesday 13 February 2018

On a cold and wet evening,the first meeting of 2018 attracted a good number (60-70) of members and guests to listen to our guest speaker, Thomas Stone the former Head Gardener of Mottisfont Abbey Gardens which members visited on an organised Society outing last year.

Thomas came to talk about ‘Hardy Geraniums and their uses’.

Geraniums (not to be confused with pelargoniums) are a truly global brand, found originally in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Far East and Australasia.

Incredibly there are over 600 species of geraniums. Fortunately Thomas assured the audience he would not be covering all of them during the next 60 minutes!

With a series of stunning slides giving great clarity and fine detail he ran through many of his favourites as well as some ‘enemies’!

From asphodeloides that flower all summer long that are tough plants and can grow in full sun or shade to machrozzhizums with ‘apple scented’ leaves that need dryer conditions. Himalayense (no prizes for guessing where they originate!) grow to 8 inches in height but not only take over a border but will take over the garden if not checked. You have been warned!

Nigricans originally discovered in New Zealand grow to only 2 inches in height, give a beautiful display with their dark red leaves and delicate white flowers.

These are just a few examples from the talk but you can get in touch with Thomas via;

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