Meeting September 14

Speaker Jacqueline Aviolet

“Hardy Geraniums-history and propagation

At our first ‘live’ meeting after 18 months of Zoom talks we were pleased to welcome 46 members and guests who enjoyed an informative and humourous evening talk.

Hardy geraniums are mostly pink, blue, mauve and white colours. They can grow in sun and semi shade with ease. You do not have to bring them in, in winter, some will die down into the ground and some will have leaves showing all through the cold winter months. Geraniums greatly support the insect world and different varieties will re-grow from spring to autumn. They grow in any type of soil in sun or semi-shade and bugs and snails do not feast on them. What’s not to like!

At the nursery in Kent over 400 varieties are in stock. The nursery is not open to the general public and all plants can be purchased via mail order via the website. All plants are grown in the open with no poly tunnels.

Members were shown various simple techniques for collecting seeds and taking cuttings. Important to always plant cuttings around the edge of the pot to maximise saturation.

A few of the many varieties in stock were featured in the talk.

Geranium ‘Anne Thomson’ rich magenta pink with black eye, flowering June/October, busy green foliage, height 45cms, sun/semi shade.

Geranium dalmaticum ‘Album’ shell pink, flowers May/June semi evergreen, height 10cm, sun/semi shade, low compact foliage, rock garden and pots.

Geranium himalayense ‘Baby Blue’ large blue/violet, flowers May/July, height 45 cm, sun/semi shade.

Geranium nodosum ‘Silverwood’ pure white flowers, thin acer shape fresh green leaves, height 40 cm, flowers June/October, sun semi/shade.

A range of geranium plants, attractively priced were snapped up by members following the talk.

Further information can be found on the website:

Telephone 01622715777


The next meeting will be held at Roundwood Park School on Tuesday October 12 at 7.45pm.

The speaker will be Margaret Easter of LW Plants who will talk about Autumn and winter gardening.

We look forward to seeing you then.

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