Meeting October 12

Margaret Easter “Autumn & Winter Gardening”

Over 40 members turned out on a damp evening to listen to our guest speaker who has been

a Harpenden resident for over 30 years and holds the National Plant Collections of Thymus, Hyssopus

and Satureja in her garden in Wroxham Way.

Margaret’s talk was accompanied by her colourful series of autumn and winter pictures of plants in

bloom in her extensive plantsman’ garden planted for year round interest and for wildlife.

The front garden is a large mixed border with shrubs along the pavement including potentilla fruiticosa,

viburnam farreri ‘nanum’. Planted with herbaceous perennials zoned in colours and underplanted with

crocus and narcissus. Naturalised crocus tommasinianus is a welcome site in winter.

Colour is maintained throughout the autumn months and early winter with, asters, anemones,

chrysanthamums , dianthus, colchicums and repeat flowering roses.

Margaret has been gardening organically for 25 years and since 2002 has been peat free.

The garden is open to visitors by arrangement. For further information you can call her on 01582

768467 or by e:mail

The next meeting will be on Tuesday November 9 in the canteen at 7.45pm. The speaker will be Colin

Moat of Pine View Plants whose talk is entitled ’50 shades of grey’ The talk will be preceded by the

AGM. We look forward to seeing you then.

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