Programme 2019

Meetings are held at Roundwood Park School at 7.45 for 8.00 pm

Please bring your membership card to each meeting.  Visitors welcome.

Tuesday 12th February Howard Drury Gardening Tips & News
Tuesday 12th March Patricia Fox Drama & Structure in the small garden (What not to do!)
Tuesday 9th April Graham Austin Success with Delphiniums      Plants for Sale
Tuesday 14th May Timothy Walker How to be a 21st Century Gardener
Tuesday 10th September Paul Barney Unusual Edibles                        Plants for Sale
Tuesday 8th October Michael Brown Death in the Garden
Tuesday 12th November AGM @ 7:45 Matthew Biggs Secrets of Great Botanists
Tuesday 3rd December Chris Thorne Success with Christmas Pot Plants Plants for Sale

Views expressed by any guest speaker or individual members are not necessarily the views of the Society

1 Response to Programme 2019

  1. Fiona Duthie says:

    Hello I am interested in becoming a member

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