Meeting 4 December 2018

Our Guest Speaker this evening was Graham Spencer whose Talk was entitled ‘The Future Of Your Garden’.

His company (Plants For Europe Ltd) which he has been running for over 20 years links Breeders to Growers and has been responsible for the development and introduction of many new species, constantly striving to improve plant quality and increased variety for gardeners in the UK and Europe.

The company works with breeders across the globe from Newfoundland to Australia and is heavily involved in the marketing of new plants which are often launched to the gardening public at the well supported RHS Shows as at Chelsea, Malvern and the like.

Plant sales in the UK are becoming more popular via the big supermarkets. Waitrose in particular have made great strides in recent years. The biggest cost for growers is the cost of transport which is reflected in the retail price. Interestingly B&Q realised with their fleet of large lorries delivering daily from their depots to their stores  making  a detour to collect plants from their growers they could save the growers costs. Therefore reducing the cost to the B&Q customer. A ‘USP’ (unique selling point!) which has greatly increased sales.

A list of new plants featured in Graham’s talk from Arugas to Spireas will follow shortly. Further information can be found on

New Plants – The Future For Your Garden – a talk by Graham Spencer

  • Ajuga Black Scallop BINBLASCA
  • Ajuga Sugar Plum BINSUGPLU
  • Brachyglottis Walberton’s® Silver Dormouse WALBRACH
  • Digitalis Walberton’s® Goldcrest WALDIGONE
  • Eryngium zabelii Neptune’s Gold – Best New Perennial at Grower Awards 2015
  • Erysimum Walberton’s® Fragrant Star WALFRASTAR
  • Erysimum Walberton’s® Fragrant Sunshine WALFRASUN
  • Euphorbia martinii Ascot Rainbow – RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Euphorbia characias Glacier Blue
  • Geum Totally Tangerine – a “Chelsea hero”
  • Helleborus Walberton’s® Ivory Prince WALHELIVOR
  • Helleborus Walberton’s® Rosemary WALHERO
  • Hibiscus Walberton’s® Rose Moon WALHIROSMO
  • Lavandula intermedia Heavenly Angel DOWPHANGEL
  • Lavandula intermedia Heavenly Night DOWPHNIGHT
  • Lavandula intermedia Heavenly Scent DOWPHSCNT
  • Lavandula pedunculata Fairy Wings® Blush
  • Lavandula pedunculata Fairy Wings® Pink
  • Lavandula pedunculata Fairy Wings® Purple
  • Nemesia Amelie FLEURAME
  • Nemesia Framboise FLEURFRAM
  • Nemesia Myrtille FLEURMYR
  • Nemesia Wisley Vanilla
  • Nemesia Berries and Cream FLEURBAC
  • Nemesia Berrie White FLEURBW
  • Nemesia Raspberries and Cream FLEURRAS
  • Nepeta grandiflora Summer Magic – winner ISU Plant Award 2016
  • Pennisetum advena Chelsea
  • Philadelphus Starbright
  • Pyracantha Golden Paradise
  • Rehmannia Walberton’s® Magic Dragon WALREMADRA
  • Ranunculus Rococo® series
  • Salvia Ember’s Wish SAL0101
  • Salvia Love and Wishes SERENDIP6 – many awards incl. Best New Bedding Plant, Grower Awards 2016
  • Salvia Wendy’s Wish
  • Salvia Kisses and Wishes
  • Spiraea Walberton’s® Magic Carpet WALBUMA – RHS Award of Garden Merit

Useful websites:

CIOPORA (organisation for breeders of ornamental plants) –


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